1. Your shipment cannot contain more than 6 units of the same kind (Example: 6 pairs of tennis shoes, 6 t-shirts, 6 bluetooth speakers). If you do so, it is at your own risk.
  2. Shipments of less than $200 USD are exempt from VAT and duty. YOU WILL ONLY PAY TAXES ON SHIPMENTS OVER $200.OO
  3. If the content in the box is worth more than $200 USD you must notify Workeando. IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO DECLARE IT, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If the box is lost or misplaced, you will only be credited for the declared value.
  4. All the boxes offered in have already included a minimum insurance of $200 dollars and a declared value of $200 dollars, this means that the merchandise inside the box cannot exceed the value of $200 dollars. IF YOU DO SO, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.
  5. Workeando does not track or inventory the merchandise that arrives at our address in the USA. Every time a package arrives it will be opened and we will send you a picture by WhatsApp. The customer must keep track of his merchandise.
  6. The Shared Box will be sent when it meets the minimum weight of 20 pounds.
  7. Boxes of 20, 30, 40 and 50 pounds will be sent when the customer requests it.
  8. Warehousing should not exceed 30 days. A charge of $2.00 dollars may be applied for each day spent in warehouse.
  9. The customer using the Caja Compartida service must pay for local shipping. Payment is on delivery.
  10. For valuable items such as electronics, the customer must send a copy of the invoice to be placed on the box.
  11. Workeando will send the customer the tracking number and the link to track the box.
  12. It usually takes 8-10 business days for a box to arrive at its destination. For the Christmas season after December 15th, it could take up to 15 days to
    December 15th, it could take up to 15 days.
  13. Fragile items such as bottles, porcelain, or items containing liquids, we will pack them very carefully. But if they arrive broken, wet and the merchandise spoiled, workeando will not pay for them. They are at the customer’s risk.
  14. In workeando we do NOT testify the customer’s items, such as electronics, frying pans, shavers, etc. We will do it only if the customer asks for it in writing. We will make a video and send it to you by WhatsApp.
  15. If any product arrives at our address that is on the Prohibited Items list, Workeando will not ship it.
  16. In Workeando we sell a minimum of 2 lbs, it doesn’t matter if your product weighs LESS than 2 lbs, you pay 2 lbs.
  17. Cell phones and their accessories must be shipped in a box alone, without any other items. The purchase invoice with your IMEI number is mandatory. Failure to do so is at your own risk.
  18. Please round up the pounds of your product. If you fail to do so, we will ask you to rectify and you will have to pay the excess plus 6% Paypal commission to process your payment. For example, if the product weighs 12.4 go down to 12 lbs, if it weighs 12.5 go up to 13 lbs, if it weighs 12.5 go up to 13 lbs.

Prohibited Articles

Customs Regulations: Colombian postal traffic regulations for courier services (Decree 2685 of 1999, Article 193) require that each package sent must meet the following requirements:

  • Commercial value no greater than U$2.000
  • No more than 6 units per reference in its content.
  • Physical weight not greater than 50 Kilos (110 Pounds).
  • None of its sides must be greater than 1.50mts (59″).
  • Products cannot be prohibited items.

List of Prohibited Items

  • NO precursor products in the manufacture of narcotics,
  • NO Narcotics,
  • NO Hallucinogenic Products,
  • NO Weapons and Ammunition,
  • NO War Toys according to their category,
  • NO Jewelry and Precious Stones,
  • NO Securities or Bearer Instruments,
  • NO Cash in any denomination,
  • NO Animals or Plants (Dead or Alive),
  • NO Precious Metals, Gold, Silver, Platinum,
  • NO Blood,
  • NO publications that violate morals and decency.

Packages Detained by Customs

Your package may be held by the authorities for different reasons. The most common are:

1. If you do not comply with customs regulations, such as sending any prohibited product.
2. Declaring that the goods shipped in the box have a commercial value of $200 and the contents actually exceed that value, then Customs may hold the box and charge you the estimated duty on them.
If your package has been retained by the customs authorities (DIAN) you will be informed via email or telephone in order to provide the required documentation in case it is necessary or the payment of the missing tax.