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Shared Box


Filling a box is no longer a problem! Order your favorite clothes, tennis shoes, soaps, vitamins or whatever you want and share the shipping; you only pay for the weight of your product.

  • Insurance included up to $200 USD.
  • Declared value included up to $200 USD
  • Domestic shipping is at customer’s expens.
  • The shared box is shipped when it has reached 20lbs.
  • Includes storage.

Read our shipping policies to find out what you CANNOT ship.

Cost per pound $3.49 all inclusive.


Delivery time: Between 8 and 10 working days, after completing the total weight of the box (20lbs)

  • Weight in American pound.
  • Minimum pounds: 2. If a product weighs less than 2 pounds, 2 pounds will be charged.
  • Packaging can be new or used.


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